Grad School Is Not for the Faint of Heart

It’s been three days since I started school and I can already feel the sleep deprivation and lack of social life starting to creep in.

It’s actually funny because I used to complain about undergrad not being challenging enough and wellit’s safe to say that I no longer have that problem!

Today, was especially tough.

I made careless mistakes on a quiz and got my head torn apart by time value of money and perpetuity.

me + finance = recipe for disaster

On the bright side, I wasn’t the only one struggling. So, it’s nice to know that I’m not at this alone.

So, before I go off burying my head in books for the rest of the evening, I found it adequate to remind myself why I’m here and why no oneabsolutely no one, should give up on their dreams:

a) Nothing worthwhile comes easy
b) It’s impossible to grow without pushing yourself
c) You never truly fail, unless you give up
d) Things are never as bad as they seem in the moment
e) It’s okay to feel overwhelmed

So, there you have it!

That will be my mantra for the remainder of the year. But for now, off I go to study and of course, eat my weight in ice cream.

We’ve Officially Moved!

Six years ago, German and I moved to Austin with nothing but clothes and a few hand me downs that fit in the back of a little red car.

We had no bed, no couch, no dining table and very little money.

A few weeks ago, the pattern repeated itself.

Only this time, we had to sell our first home and seriously declutter in order to fit everything in our new (much smaller) space.

Since our decision to move, we’ve gotten several concerned looks from people who don’t understand why we’d leave our comfortable lifestyle and beautiful home so I can pursue—yet another degree.

My response to that is that we’re crazy.

Yes, that’s right.

We’re completely and totally insane!

I, for one, find it exhilarating.

I mean c’mon, what could possibly be more satisfying that leaving my safety net and secure job to pursue a career in something I’ve always wanted?!

Journal Entry, 2010

A friend of mine joked about how I’d be paying school loans the rest of my life. She sounded so certain about it.

But instead of being upset, I just stood back thinking about her significantly larger car loan.

I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that someone is willing to spend more money on a vehicle, than they are to invest in their education.

Meanwhile, I drive around in my modestly size Corolla, that doesn’t have the luxury of self-warming seats.

And you know what?

I’m perfectly okay with that.

I’m okay with still having to turn a key to start my car. I’m okay with the lack of leather seats and GPS.

While everyone’s allowed to spend their money as they please, I’m okay with neglecting a few things in exchange for others.

So, for those that still have comments about what we’re doing, I’ll say this: It takes balls to drop everything the way we have.

There, I said it.

Leaving the place we called home was not easy, but we did it because we believe there’s better things waiting for us.

And no matter where you are in life, you should always strive for better!