Change Can Be Terrifying

We often become so accustomed to our little routines that the moment change begins to poke its head through the window, we immediately close the blinds.

Fear of change is not uncommon, and it’s certainly nothing one should be ashamed of. But it’s important to know that without change there is no growth.

Recently, my husband accepted a new job position that will require quite a bit of change. At first, when the opportunity presented itself, we resisted. We told ourselves that our resistance was justified, that the job he had was fine and that there was no reason to change something that wasn’t exactly broken.

Sound familiar?

We do this all too often.

We don’t apply for the new job with better salary because we’re comfortable right where we are, we don’t engage with different people because we like our group of friends, we don’t seek out new opportunities because we’re afraid of the unknown.

But what can be more frightening than not changing at all?

All change, whether it be good or bad, presents an opportunity.

Is it ok to be afraid? Yes.

Should you embrace it anyway? Definitely!

If all else fails and you don’t like where change has taken you, you can always venture onto something else. But if you keep yourself from trying, who’s to say that what’s out there, isn’t the opportunity you’ve always wanted.

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