Welcome to The Falconette

Ahhh my very first blog post. I can’t express how happy I am right now. Between reserving my domain and getting everything all setup, it’s been somewhat chaotic. After a few sleepless nights, however, it finally feels like everything is falling into place.

Little known fact for those who don’t know me, I love to write. I mean it… I LOVE to write. As a kid, I remember walking around with my tried and true composition notebook covered with nickelodeon stickers on the front. It’s no joke! In fact, I think that notebook might still be around at my mother’s house somewhere.

Anyways, I used to write about everything!

I’d pretend I was a teacher, writing down lesson plans. I’d write about my dreams. I’d write about my day. The list goes on and on. Throughout the years, I’ve lost touch with that aspect of my writing, but I’ve decided to rekindle with what might just be my biggest passion of all (sorry Sephora!). I’ve decided to combine my love for beauty, and my passion for writing here at melbatellez.com.

I truly hope you all like that you see, or should I say read?



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